Development Authority

The Development Authority of 桃县 (DAPC) is the primary point of contact for economic development projects in Byron, Fort Valley and 桃县. The authority is responsible for the recruitment of new businesses in the areas of industrial, manufacturing, distribution, corporate and regional headquarters, customer service centers, and assistance with other major economic development projects.

While recruitment of new industry is a significant function, aiding in existing industry expansion and retention is just as significant. The Development Authority of 桃县 is committed to helping ensure the continued success of existing 桃县 industries. About 80 percent of new jobs come as a result of existing industry expansion.

As one of 乔治亚州’s Entrepreneur Friendly counties, 桃县 is designated by the 乔治亚州 Department of Economic Development as a community offering best practices in business development. Whether you are exploring a new site for manufacturing, distribution, headquarters or customer service, or looking to expand a business that’s already here, we are at your service and eager to please by providing:  

  • Information about and assistance in locating available sites
  • Data on available buildings
  • Local, county and state incentives
  • Infrastructure assistance
  • Demographic profiles
  • Access to general contractors
  • Wage and salary surveys
  • Quick Start workforce training
  • Work Ready labor pools
  • Relocation assistance

Ideal 业务 Environment

桃县 has established itself as an industry-friendly community with its successful agricultural, manufacturing, service and distribution businesses. New employers can easily gain access to 桃县's low cost, reliable utilities, existing transportation, well-educated and skilled labor force, comprehensive job training and its prime location near the geographical center of the state. 桃县 is an ideal place for business.


Interstate 75 traverses northern 桃县 with exits in Byron and on State 号高速公路. 96. A modern four lane Ga. 号高速公路. 49 connects the county seat of Fort Valley with the interstate in Byron. Additionally, U.S. 号高速公路. 341 is a major north-south thoroughfare, also connecting Fort Valley to the interstate. The South Peach Industrial Park is just minutes from I-75. The Middle 乔治亚州 Regional Airport is less than 25 miles away and Hartsfield-Jackson Airport is about an hour north of 桃县. State Route 96 also serves 桃县 and connects the county directly to I-75 and I-16 which leads to the deep ports of Savannah.


桃县 is serviced by the Fort Valley Utility Commission, the City of Byron, 乔治亚州 Power Company and Flint Energies for all electricity needs. Fort Valley owns its natural gas distribution system and purchases gas wholesale from Municipal Gas Authority of 乔治亚州. A capacity of 9 million gallons of water is found at all water treatment plants, meaning there is plenty of water available to new customers.

Labor Force and Training

桃县's diverse population includes well-educated individuals who are ready to contribute to the development and success of the area's business and industrial enterprises. In conjunction with Central 乔治亚州 Technical College, 桃县 offers a Quick Start training which trains employees to be more productive, saving time and expense. Additionally, construction is complete on the new Work Force Development Center located in the middle of our South Peach Industrial Park here in 桃县, 乔治亚州! This new facility is a central hub for a variety of programs to include the special CDL Drivers training courses offered by Central 乔治亚州 Technical College along with other study options. This location also houses the offices of the Development Authority of 桃县. We are excited to be a part of this asset to the community.

Available Sites and Buildings

You simply won’t find a more pro-business climate in America, and that includes our offices at the Development Authority of 桃县 in Fort Valley, 乔治亚州. It’s our mission to help companies large and small achieve their goals. Need contacts at local or state government or economic development agencies? 打电话给我们. Looking for a great rail-served spec building with 80,000+ sq. ft. expandable to 250,000 sq. ft? We’ve got it and a lot more. It’s right here in 桃县. Please explore the buildings and sites on our official website and give us a call today to find out how we can help grow your business … sweeter!